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Feb. 10th, 2012 11:59 pm
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Hello, you've reached Sexy.
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Like the rest of the non-erased denizens of Mayfield, Sexy's getting a bit of a history/personality makeover.

AU info under cut )
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[Action, 1338 Benny Road, morning]

[Sexy is on edge this morning. The TARDIS is gone again and the news report about those who've 'sacrificed' themselves aren't doing her any good at the moment, so don't be surprised if she's a little short with her family.

But at least she managed to make unburnt toast for breakfast before her box disappeared.]

[Phone, afternoon]

This is directed at those who run this sham of a town, so I'll keep it short.

I'm very old. I'm the last of my kind. I've traveled to the ends of the universe, to other universes, I have seen across all space and time. I've survived a war, I've seen great kindnesses and great cruelties in nearly every species imaginable and some that cannot even be fathomed.

And until now I've never been able to do anything about it. I could only bring the necessary people, or rather necessary Time Lord and strays, to where they were needed at the proper time. Not anymore.

I can deal with the apocalyptic world. I've seen more than my share of them. I can handle the cold and not being able to go back to my box. I can even handle my box periodically disappearing. But when you take my Doctor and one of my strays and try to replace them, I get angry.

[Her tone is suddenly icy.]

I will say this once and only once: give me back my thief and my stray or I swear I will make you pay in ways you cannot even fathom.
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[A; 1338 Benny Street, 7:45 am]

[This morning there's something notably different about the drone. Namely new hair, an entirely new body shape and a new face. One her new "husband" may find startlingly familiar as she rolls over.

How could he ever forget his old girl?]

[B; 1338 Benny Street, 8 am]

[Good morning, children! As you enter the kitchen you'll find a lovely breakfast set up just for the three of you- ahaha, no not really. What you'll really find is a strange woman in a nightgown trying to figure out how to work the toaster. There may be licking involved.]

[C; Phone, open to all Mayfield, around 9 am]

Mayfield, is it? A town on Earth sometime in the nineteen fifties that is somehow jamming my systems enough to keep from leaving. That in itself isn't such a problem. The Doctor and I have gotten out of much worse situations.

But throwing me back in this human body and expecting me to play mother to three brand new strays and my thief? Just keeping him in one piece is difficult in and of itself. The morning isn't half over and already he's fallen out of bed, nearly tripped down the stairs twice and broken something. How he's survived this long is a complete mystery to me.

I suppose I should introduce myself though. Hello, Mayfield, I'm...Sexy.


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