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Erasefield info

Like the rest of the non-erased denizens of Mayfield, Sexy's getting a bit of a history/personality makeover.

  1. She was picked up by a stuffy old Time Lord. He always traveled alone and no interest in picking up "strays" or going on marvelous adventures all around the universe.
  2. He treated her like a machine, showing very little respect for her. He'd frequently beat her console with closed fists or a hammer when things didn't go right, as if it were entirely her fault and not his own ineptitude in navigating.
  3. Sexy was stuck with him for a hundred years or so.
  4. Gallifrey still exists without the Doctor, there was no Time War after all, but she refuses to go back just to be put back in a museum and left to rust.
  5. The incident with House happened much sooner. She saw an opportunity to run and left the Time Lord there, fleeing with the TARDIS in Idris's body. She managed to fly out of the bubble and land on a planet before the body died.
  6. She left her doors unlocked and waited.
  7. She was picked up by a random alien and taught him to fly her. He wasn't a particularly fast learner.
  8. He crashed her a lot, she left him on a planet, flew to another, repeat cycle.
  9. None of her owners were very skilled with flying or TARDIS maintenance nor very good to her.
  10. Most of them indulged in console beating, crash landings and being drunk idiots flying her through the time vortex. One of them used a hammer liberally and broke more than a few bits on her console that weren't repaired for a long time.
  11. She eventually fell into the Rani's hands, where she remained. The Rani used her more for experiments than travel.
  12. They were visited by the Master on a few occasions. Sexy has encrypted all memory of his visits in her data bank for reasons she'd prefer not to indulge.
  13. The Rani built a human-like android body for Sexy and downloaded part of her consciousness into it (for SCIENCE). She's still a functioning TARDIS but her andriod body and personality can exist independently from her box.
  1. This Sexy is much quieter and more reserved than she is normally. There's no excitable spark, no curiosity, just a sad, sort of reserved mindset.
  2. She's still not very good with social interaction, which isn't a terribly huge shift.
  3. Indifferent to others, colder. The maternal/protective feelings she used to have are gone.
  4. While still being snark as hell, it's less banter and more intentionally cruel.
  5. She's used to being alone and feeling lonely. It's not pleasant but she deals.
  6. Her self-worth is basically in the toilet. She thinks of herself as only a means to travel and an experiment. She feels useless in Mayfield because she can't be either in her current state.
  7. She remembers everything all her pilots put her through, being able to feel pain as a TARDIS. She doesn't remember any of their names though.
  8. After all she's been put through, she's very hesitant with physical touch. She gets flinchy when it comes to sudden movements.
  10. In her human body, there's always the possibly of remembering the experiments the Master did to her.
  11. She's more than a little emotionally dependent on the Rani (hello, Stockholm Syndrome); the experiments and shocks when she misbehaved showed the Rani was paying attention to her, she wasn't always cruel, ect. She misses her terribly in Mayfield.
  12. She has no memory of meeting the Doctor or any of his companions prior to meeting them in Mayfield. She'll feel an odd twinge of sadness when she sees/speaks to them though and will think of them/call them by nicknames she doesn't understand.

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9. GLaDOS agrees with this mind set.

wrong account, regret nothing

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obviously Sexy and GLaDOS need to bond over being machines stuck in human/humanoid bodies.

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Yes, 1000x yes. I just realized today how much I need this CR.

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I need it to happen like yesterday.


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I will tag it when I get home tonight!

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eeeeeeeeeeey wonderful!